About Us

This festival is designed to be a place where we can all make new friends, network with other yogis and join together to expand the yoga community in Ireland and worldwide.

Our Vision

The Celtic Woodland Yoga festival is dedicated to broad-mindedness, diversity and conscious exploration, so that we can continue to grow this yoga into the future as a living, breathing spiritual art form.

This festival has been envisioned by dedicated yogis to gather other yoga lovers together to learn, teach, exchange ideas and enjoy a healthy weekend of practice and fun. It is a great opportunity for all of us to find new teachers and explore new styles of yoga and expand out of our comfort zones into whole new worlds of practice.

Come and be a participant in the Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival set in the beauty of nature. Roll up your sticky mat, gather your yogi friends and join us for this expansive weekend!

Building Like-Minded Community

Traditionally, Yogis are a spiritual family who gather together every so often to practice together, exchange ideas, make new friends and catch up with old ones. Are trying to uphold this tradition of gathering with this festival so that Yogis in Ireland and the rest of the world can strengthen their bonds and create community.

You might meet new teachers you wish to study with or find Yogis in your own community to hang out with. Whatever happens, we get support for our yoga when we are bolstered by a robust yoga community.

Nature, The Environment and The Trees

One Tree at a Time

For many years, the rampant disregard for the health of the natural world has led to massive deforestation and destruction. The original Yogis were great lovers of nature and the natural world and strove to live with it and not against it. We are working to bring environmental consciousness back into modern yoga practice by directing some of the proceeds from the festival towards the re-planting of Irish forests and by encouraging education about the natural world. After all, there is nothing better than a good yoga practice under the trees!

Reducing Destruction

The festival is dedicated to being non-destructive to the earth by not using single use plastics, by planting trees and by being a positive force in general for the health of the earth and the environment.

We have worked hard to create a festival that is beneficial for all involved, and at the same time supporting the planting of trees in Ireland and other environmental issues. One of the core values in yoga practice is called ‘ahimsa’ or non-harming. This applies to all living creatures, to ourselves and to the earth as a whole.

Awareness and Education

If we all become more aware of the effects of our consumption and use of resources, we can gradually reverse the patterns of behaviour that are destroying the planet and causing a global climate crisis, but we must all do our bit! Through education and awareness we believe we can make a true change.

Our Tree Supplier

Our generous and knowledgable tree expert and environmental scientist is Richard Nairn. Please visit naturatrees.ie to learn more.